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  • Maria & David

    Are getting married


    Maria & David

    It is our pleasure to invite you to our wedding on the 25th August 2017.

    On this page you can find a lot of useful information on Greece or how to arrange your trip. To make the most out of your trip, we recommend you to stay with us a little bit longer and to combine the wedding with a holiday. Ilia, located in Peleponnese, is a beautiful area that has some of the most beautiful beaches and is the point of origin of Ancient Olympia. If you decide to fly to Athens, we also recommend you to stay some days in this city with its rich history and beautiful sights. We will be at Lechaina (Λεχαινά), Maria's hometown, one week before and one week afterwards. We would love to meet with you. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any question you might have.

    Wedding Details

    You Are Invited



    Wedding Date - 25 August 2017
    Wedding Ceremony - 7:15 pm
    Reception & Dinner - 7:45 pm


    Vigla Village
    270 68 Kastro Killinis



    Best Airports sorted by proximity to wedding location: Araxos (Patras); Zakynthos; Athens

    Buses and ferries

    From Athens: To reach the main bus station (Kifissos) in Athens you can take the bus X93 form the airport. Kifissos is the last stop of that route. There are direct buses to Maria's hometown Lechaina (Λεχαινά), which is also the closest stop to Kastro / Kylini. However, please contact us once you know where you are staying and need further assistance.

    From Zakynthos: To reach Ilia / Peloponnese you take a taxi from the airport to the port in Zakynthos. From the port are ferries to Kyllini that operate every 1.5hr and a ferry ride takes around 1.5hrs.


    Please provide us with your choice of accommodation (address and time of your stay) in order for us to organise transport to and from the wedding. We recommend the coastal area between Kyllini and Kourouta as shown in the map. To find a good place you can use booking.com and search for Kyllini, Kourouta, Kastro or Arkoudi. Another option is to stay in Zakynthos, the island across the wedding location. The island is 1hr and 30min away from Kyllini port by boat.

    Useful links

    Bus airport to bus station: link
    Ferry Zakynthos to Kyllini: link
    Bus Athens to Lechaina (Λεχαινά): link


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